Press Releases

Press releases are often known as the staple behind public relations. While the industry is rapidly changing, press releases have and will always be a part of public relations. I’ve been able to write press releases professionally as well as for class. Below are some examples.

Professional Work

pressrelease-stuffthebusPressRelease-Shopko.jpgEach of the above press releases were written along with two other interns. The press releases were sent out to all media outlets in the Eugene/Springfield Area.

Class Work

The morning the FBI director, James Comey, announced that he did not suggest indictment for democratic candidate Hilary Clinton, our class was tasked with writing press releases from announcement Comey had made. I was assigned to write my press release from the perspective of the Republican Party.

For class, I was tasked with rewriting a press release my professor had read that was poorly written. I wrote a new press release on behalf of A Home for Everyone that included the inverted pyramid structure and was able to be read more clearly.