Research is not only the cornerstone of public relations, but it’s also the cornerstone of understanding. In order to understand a topic, audiences, clients and products, thorough research always needs to be done. During my studies, I have been able to spend time researching various topics and then form that information into a context that is easily understood and relatable. Below are a few different areas in which my research has been applied.

Audience Personas

In order to build a successful strategic PR plan, proper research has to be done. While working with a team on a PR plan for my school course, I was tasked with finding appropriate audiences for the theoretical Pro Bull Riders events coming to Eugene and Bend, Oregon. Through research I was able to find target audiences for the event as well as build proper personas for each audience.

Appeal Letter/Infographic

During another course, I got the opportunity to research the organization A Family For Every Child in order to create an appeal letter and infographic. For this project, my research was necessary in order to capture the voice and message of the nonprofit organization, as well as reach out to the target audience of individual donors.